Friday, January 25, 2019

Week 19!

Our science unit has just come to an end! We learned so much through this inquisitive science! 
We now know how sound travels in waves through vibration, and how light travels through waves and can be redirected and reflected! We even know how white light make color! 

We have been working really hard on becoming strong readers. To do that we have been focusing a lot of our efforts on word study! 
To find out more about the expectations in word study just check out the reading page on this blog! 

Unit five in math; place value and big numbers, is coming to a close! Next week we will be taking our unit 5 assessment. Students should be able to:
Compare multiple digit numbers
Add and subtract using two digit numbers
(Using what we know of making ten and doubles)
Measure a crooked path
Simple math facts under 15! 

We have posted to seesaw again so please make sure you check out your child’s blog! A letter was sent home this evening with instructions to log in and see! 

Sunday, January 20, 2019


I hope everyone is staying safe and cozy this weekend! 

Please just remember to take a minute as to why we have this long weekend given to us. 
This week our first graders spent a lot of time learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and all he and others had done for equality. My heart is so full for the empathy these students showed for their dream for others in the world. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Week 18

We have been very busy in room 5!

In science we are wrapping up our investigation on light. This week we used mirrors to teach us about redirecting and reflecting light! We also discovered how our eyes adjust with light. We got to use two different light sources to see this awesome phenomenon! 

We were very thoughtful word solvers this week too! Last week we started word on beginning blends. This weeks blend was r. We played musical plates to help us decide if we made real or non-sense work with our blends and known endings. 

We also were using SeeSaw a lot more this week. Make sure to check out your child's blog posts about their learning in first grade! 

Follow this link to make an account and follow your child, today!

Have  a great weekend and stay safe in the storm! :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Teddy's Adventures Begins!

Teddy is ready for his adventures with this group of First Graders! 
He will begin to go home starting TUESDAY next week. 
Teddy has done a lot of things. He really enjoys being read to and helping write in the journal. Don't forget to take a picture... the memories will last forever :)

He is ready! 
Here are some memories he has made in the past... 
Check him out on Instagram for more! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Week 17!

Room five came back from vacation relaxed and refreshed! First grade learning has ramped up and I know room five is ready for the task! 
This week we started learning our blends in words. Blends are two consonants that are said together but you can hear both sounds. 

This week is l blends 

We also have done a lot of discovery with sound and have moved onto light! The light activities have been so much fun, but I can’t wait to show these students what we have in store for their experiments next week!

We have discussed a lot of big scientific terms such as transparent, translucent and opaque. Students have been able to go around the classroom and identify objects that have these qualities! 

We are so excited to have an Artist Residancy. This is when a group comes in to help students discover what it is like to be an artist of all kinds- creative, performing, dance, speaking etc. we are happy to have No Strings Marionette come and teach us about puppetearing and how to male and performe with puppets! 

Next week we will be finishing up our science unit on sound and light. 
We will be discussing r blends in words. 
Our first DARE class will be held with Officer Mellen 
And we will be continuing to work on tens and ones, place value, and doh key digit addition subtraction! 

Keep reading, keep learning and remember don’t give up :) 

Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year, new us!

I’m going to go ahead and say that the new year is just what room five ordered! We came in ready to be outstanding first graders. So far this week we have shown growth in a lot of areas and have remembered to be kind to everyone. I hope this continues to grow as we do! 

We made some resolutions this week and hope to stick by them. We keep “celebrating” the success of one another’s work. (Under each picture is our 2019 resolution!) 

Our math is taking off in the new year too! This unit we will be doing a lot of place value work. We will build on what we already know to deepen our math thinking skills. 

Students were modeling numbers and showing the correct place value! 

Science in Room five is "Lights Out!"

"Lights Out"... That's what people say when they are excited right? :) 

Our science unit has been so full of hands on experiments and super, awesome, amazing, intuitive, learning. Before vacation we started the unit with sound and how it travels from the sound source to a sound receiver. We had many different experiments. The one students really enjoyed brought me back to when I was a kid in my tree fort! Cup telephones! Ask your child about sound... we have become experts! 

We are now moving into LIGHT! Students have started learning about their shadows and how light is very important for our everyday living.